Generative Design and the Birth of “Super-Architects”

Watching this application introduced the first time in 2016, I was speechless. I thought it is something that could change the future of architectural design and urban planning. Prof Frank Petzold and his team at TUM had done an amazing job that worth watching in the years to come. The most interesting aspect of this application is not only its technological advance but for me, it is the potential to disrupt the whole industry.

The birth of this sort of application will make the design become easier and easier. They allow end-users to play and make decisions that were essential to the untouched areas preserved for highly trained architects and planners. In other words, new technology enables and empowers everyone to become architects.

As an architect and urban designer myself, I know this technological shift could cost the jobs of thousands of designers. But I truly believe that the most beautiful part of my job as an architect is empowering others, awaking their ability to think and design. And we, good designers, deliberately, have chosen to stay in the background, as supporters, mentors, nurturers of a much more creative future.


Fun fact: Professor Frank Petzold was the one who introduced Archicad to me when he was at Bauhaus

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