The ADEDU  Digital Art Award, a global digital art competition and award that honors outstanding works from a diverse range of new digital technologies, has been recently opened for entries in its first edition!

The topic for 2021 entries is Maori Wind. We are seeking digital artworks that carved out a path for new era for Maori art and design. They are artworks that carry the tradition of Maori creativity but also attempt to bring it onto a new level with the use of digital technologies.


This award is open to students of all ages who are living in New Zealand and Australia. As the purpose of this award is to nurture young and emerging talents, professional artists and designers are not eligible to enter. Students under 16 are eligible for the Youth Award.


All submission documents need to be sent to by 5 pm 15 November 2021. Please see the submission requirement below. Your personal identity shall not be recognizable on the artwork.


  • Participants are required to submit one A3 paper size (must not exceed 5mb per jpg or pdf) showing the final artwork (printed version)
  • The digital format of the artwork (video, source code and other formats)
  • One A4 paper to describe the story behind the artwork and to introduce the creator (name, birthday, background)
  • All documents must be submitted before 15 November 2021


  • Explaining the creation process
  • What is the key message or story behind the artwork
  • What is the key reference of the artwork? Does it relate to any existing Maori design and story?
  • The artwork shall show a great appreciation of Maori art and culture
  • Several photos to document the creation process will be useful


There are 3 winning prizes for three different categories and 5 honorary mentions. In addition to the prize package listed below, all 8 winners will receive a scholarship to attend a summer  Creative Coding Bootcamp in Wellington (worth 500 NZD each). Last but not least, you will have a contract with AMW and Carter Class to commercialize your products.

NOVELTY AWARD:                                 Neje Laser Cutter + 200 NZD


POPULARITY AWARD:                        Line-us Pen Plot + 200 NZD


YOUTH AWARD (UNDER 16):             Axisdraw Pen Plot + 200 NZD

The Novelty Award will be given to the submission that uses programming, coding to create the artwork. The Popularity Award will go to the one which has the highest online vote counts on ADEDU online platform. The artworks for this category can be created manually or digitally. Lastly, the third category, the Youth Award is reserved for submissions of high school students aged under 16.


Jury members, shall under no circumstances be contacted by competition participants or their representatives. Participants who attempt to contact jury members, shall be disqualified. The jury’s decision shall be final and irrevocable.

All communication regarding the competition should only be carried out with ADEDU staff. For any questions please contact us at

Dr Minh Nguyen | Senior Lecturer at WelTec


David Hakaraia | Artist, Lecturer at VUW (tbc)


Mr XAD | Artist, Galerry Owner


All the winning prizes are sponsored by the local art community in Wellington. They are AMW Digital Art Studio, MEO Atelier, Hapu Land Solution and Carter-Class Joinery. Associate Professor Thu Phuong Truong from Victoria University of Wellington has sponsored the Creative Coding Bootcamp in Wellington for all 8 winners.


Entry Opening 01.08.2021


Submission Closed 15.11.2021


Popularity Online Voting 15.11 – 15.12.2021


Winner Announcement 10.01.2022


If you are a creative mind, it is time to release the artist inside. CREATE, SUBMIT AND SHOW THE WORLD YOUR TALENT! If you love Maori art and design and want to contribute to its digital future, this is the opportunity for you! Don’t wait. Just Do it!