ADEDU was founded in 2016 by Associate Professor, Dr Thu Phuong Truong and Dr Minh Nguyen. The mantra of ADEDU was Nurture the Creative Minds.  And in fact, over the last five years, we had successfully organized architecture competitions and exhibitions and we had provided endless support for architectural design students in Wellington, New Zealand.


From 2021 onwards, ADEDU has rebranded itself to be the “Playground for game changers in Art and Architecture”. We will keep running competitions and exhibitions but will narrow the focus to two overall topics: 1. Digital Art and 2. Micro Architecture.

With huge support from the creative community in Wellington, we will run new

  • Organizing public Architecture and Art Talks in Wellington
  • Researching and Framing Design Challenges of 21st century
  • Designing the first Open Source Small Home Design for New Zealand
  • Developing an Open Digital Library for Maori Design


ADEDU team might not have the most talented or smartest designers and experts in the world. But we do have people with hearts who have passion, motivation, insights, and more importantly the courage to become the changes we wish to see in the world. You can explore our people position and skills by tapping on the graph below. (The interactive graph works best on PCs).


ADEDU is essentially an Open Network for Design Innovation and Entrepreneurship. We try to work with similar-minded people with the aim to create new and plausible solutions to make the world a better place. If you want to work with us, please get in touch at info@adedu.co.nz. We base in Wellington, but happy to collaborate with any creative minds globally.